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This plug-in plays a short sound when there are errors in the project you've just compiled: you needn't look at the task view just to be sure everything's ok!

To activate this plug-in on a project, right-click on the project in the Navigator view, and choose Foghorn > Activate.

Change Log
  • First public release
Todo List
  • Personalize sound
  • Complex rules support (play doh.wav if there're more than 5 errors of type Java Problem and of severity Warning)
Use the update manager and create a bookmark to http://www.jnegre.org/updates/site.xml.
You can mail me at [plugin at jnegre dot org] in french or english for any comment/request/problem.
Spelling or grammatical mistake? Let me know, mail me at [webmaster at jnegre dot org], thanks!
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