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June 12, 2005
New release of All The News. The main new feature is the ablitity to apply regex on items' description. This feature is useful to remove ads in the description or to fix relative links that should be absolute. The long-asked possibility to edit the title or url of a feed is now implemented.
January 28, 2005
New release of All The News.
October 3, 2004
Yet another release of All The News. It includes a workaround for a very annoying bug in Crimson, which resulted in some feeds having the error "Malformed UTF-8 char -- is an XML encoding declaration missing?" on some computers.
September 14, 2004
New release of All The News.
August 18, 2004
New release of All The News, with some new features and a bug fix.
June 20, 2004
New release of All The News for use with Eclipse 3.0 (tested with Eclipse 3.0M8 and Eclipse 3.0RC2).
May 24, 2004
All The News is having a huge spring clean-up: new views, rethought internal notification system, Eclipse 3.0 compatible, new icon set, and so on... The code is in the public CVS, and screenshots are available. As usual, feedback and suggestions are welcomed!
April 3, 2004
I got married! :-))
December 29, 2003
The CVS for All The News is available on the ATN project page on Berlios.de.
December 21, 2003
I've just created a project on Berlios.de for All The News. The goal is to set up a public CVS by the end of january (I'm taking a looong vacation far far away).
September 28, 2003
New release of Stylo Plume.
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